[tulip] conexant lanfinity

MentalRay mentalray@solaria.sch.bme.hu
Fri Nov 9 06:51:01 2001

the same goes for me. The difference is that I get unresolved symbols (a
hell lot of them) when using kernel 2.4.14, and for the pci-scan also. The
worst thing is that I have once managed to make the conexant work on my
compaq notebook, but i have deleted the sources (yes, shame on me), and
the tulip.c, pci-scan.c, .h, etc. found on the scyld donwload site (the
"stable" and the testing also) produces the mentioned symptoms. I must be
doing something really wrong.


On Fri, 9 Nov 2001, Marco wrote:

> Conexant Lanfinity on my Presario work well with kernel 2.2.19, but it 
> doesn't work whit 2.4.x kernel.
> I download  the  tulip-0.92wax.tar.gz.
> I compiled the modules with 2.4.5 source, I copied the modules in 
> /lib/modules/2.4.5/kernel/drivers/net/tulip
> then I run "depmod -a" and I have the first error: Unresolved symbols in 
> tulip.o
> Then "modprobe scan-pci" all ok, "modprobe tulip" a lot of errors and 
> the module is not load.