[tulip] Adaptec ANA-6944A/TX

Ron Reed RReed@ops.sgp.arm.gov
Wed Nov 7 14:16:00 2001

Ok. I now have pci-scan compiled properly and have the new tulip driver in
place. I am starting testing on the machine now. I will give a full report
after my testing. Thank you all for your help.

Ron Reed

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On Wed, 7 Nov 2001, Ron Reed wrote:

> Is it a problem that the AGP card shows up at IRQ 11 also? Also, the USB
> controller shows up at IRQ9. Here is the lspci -v for them:

Sharing interrupts is not a problem, if everything is working.

If the IRQ mapping is wrong, the device driver that could clear the PCI
interrupt source is never called.  The system will loop repeatedly
calling the IRQ handlers that are registered for that IRQ.  A clever
interrupt handler can detect this case, emit a message, but the Linux
kernel doesn't have that code.

The USB IRQ is a special case: if the BIOS is emulating a PC-AT keyboard
controller there can be problems.  This is a BIOS setup option.

> When I try to insmod pci-scan.o, I get this error:
> pci-scan.o: unresolved symbol apm_register_callback
> pci-scan.o: unresolved symbol apm_unregister_callback
> I have tried the -f on the insmod, but it will not load the module.

Verify that you are using v1.08, which doesn't try to use APM with the
incompatible 2.4 kernel APM interface.

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