[tulip] Kingston KNE111TX Full Duplex LED

John Connett jrc@art-render.com
Mon, 05 Mar 2001 10:57:13 +0000

Donald Becker wrote:
[text deleted]
> OK, better spot: just after start_link(dev) around line 848 in tulip.c
>         start_link(dev);
> +       outl(0xf0000000, ioaddr + CSR9);
> }
> This worked on the PNIC2 card here.

With my KNE111TX this gives steady green on the Link; Act; and FDX LEDs
on module installation.  The 100 LED is off.  However, I'm pretty sure
that the connection is 100/FDX.  The 21140-AF KNE100TX on the other end
of the cross over cable shows steady green on Link; 100; FDX LEDs.

A ping from a remote system causes the Link LED to flash (in reverse?
Black flashes against steady green).  Cancelling the ping causes the
LEDs to revert to steady green on the Link; Act; and FDX.

A ping to a remote system does the same.

> I'm still playing with the CSR9 register to understand the semantics.
> It's not as simple as just setting the upper four bits -- something
> interaction is going on with the lower bits in the CSR9 register.

Thanks again.  If there is anything further I can do to help please let
me know.
John Connett (jrc@art-render.com)