[tulip] Compiling driver

Paul Tansom paul@whaletales.co.uk
Tue, 10 Jul 2001 12:55:40 +0100 (BST)

I have what appears to be a traditional problem, but don't seem to be able to
find a solution, although no doubt there is one!  It's the old modversions.h
file not found one.  I've done a good deal of hunting around on this issue and
found a few comments on solutions.

On the main scyld.com site there's a comment about not using the -DMODVERSIONS
switch (which I'm not).  I've seen details about installing the kernel header
files (I'm using Debian 2.2r3), which I have done and I do have a modversions.h
file, but it is not found in the required /usr/src/linux/ location.  I've
copied the file there, but it still doesn't find it.  I've seen details that it
is only created when you compile the kernel - so I've tried that too, to no

Most hopeful is a posting to a list from Donald Becker himself with a Makefile
and a comment that this is all a mass halucination!   I haven't seen the
Makefile on the scyld.com site, but I am about to give it a go anyway.  What I
don't understand is how this will work when there are specific include lines in
the c code for the modversions.h file.

Can anyone enlighten me?  I have to do this with several of the scyld.com
drivers to get modules for an alternative kernel to the one I am actually
running on the machine I'm compiling on (the other machine has no development
software on it).

Many thanks,

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