[tulip] 'depmod -a' doesn't find pci-scan.o dependency

Michael G. Katzmann michaelk@IEEE.org
Wed, 20 Sep 2000 10:17:50 -0400

I'm using the tulip driver for a Linksys ethernet card.

I've downloaded, compiled and installed the tulip & pci-scan

If I run 'depmod -a' the modules.dep file DOES NOT reflect the
dependency of tulip.o on pci-scan.o

The drive runs fine initially if I 'insmod pci-scan' and
'insmod tulip', but after a time it stops working.
I suspect the kernel (2.2) is unloading the module, due to
lack of use (at this stage I  have nn other device on the
ethernet), and when it trys to reload (on demand) when I try
to use it, it fails because the pci-scan has also been unloaded
& the dependency file doesn't show that tulip need it.

If I hnd tweek the modules.dep file to force tulip to be dependent
on pci-scan, all is fine. (until the bootup 'depmod -a' writes
over it!)

How can I make 'depmod -a' correctly find the dependency.

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