[tulip] - Newbie - Problems with installing the tulip.o modul

David Shochat shochat@acm.org
Sat, 09 Sep 2000 06:30:46 -0400

Michael Chaney wrote:
>... If you're using DHCP to
> obtain that address (i.e. "DHCP Server", "Lease Obtained", and "Lease
> Expires" are populated) then you'll have to set up DHCP on the Linux side,
> and I don't even want to go there.
Funny you should say that. Of the various things I've had to do to get
my new Linux box working (video, RoadRunner cable, 2nd ethernet, sound)
the 2nd was by far the easiest. With RH 6.2, (once you have a working
driver for your NIC) it's just a matter of telling netcfg that you want
eth0 to use DHCP (obvious from the GUI how to do that). And it simply
works. What that actually does is create the file

consisting of 3 lines:


The RH 6.2 standard startup scripts see that and invoke a utility called
"pump" to do the DHCP [See the pump man page to find out where they got
the name]. It is at least as easy to set up as with Win 98.
-- David