[tulip] LNE100TX and SMP : What price success?

Frank Schmuck, CFO fschmuck@lcch.org
Fri, 1 Sep 2000 09:01:38 -0400

One thing that must be frustrating for the more learned members of this list
is how those of us who are new to Linux keep doing stupid things.  It seems
a sheparding process that hopefully finds us further along the road each
What I have learned:  The Linux driver set included with the LinkSys cards
(even the new ones) contain complete directions on how to compile and how to
install the tulip drivers.  It even includes directions on how to copy the
drivers to various kernel directories including the SMP kernel.  The problem
is that the makefile does not appear to compile a SMP version of the kernel.
To do that you must edit the makefile, adding -D__SMP__.
I did so using the tulip.c included with the card and received several
warnings during compile, but no errors.  The warnings appeared to be
assembler warnings.  After copying to appropriate directories and install, I
BOOM!  The system sees eth0 and initializes the Internet!  It is working! I
can't wait to log in.  Problem!  Although I am at login - machine now hangs.
So, the good news is that the drivers can be compiled for SMP, it will see
the card on eth0 and initialize the Internet.  You just can't do anything
else at the moment.  

Any ideas?