[tulip] Re: Kingston

Homer Wilson Smith homer@lightlink.com
Mon, 22 May 2000 19:07:00 -0400 (EDT)

> 	What Kingston card?  I have had zero problems with the
> KNE100TX units.  The later ones (21143 based) require a .91 driver,
> but thats it.  I have > 100 used (20 somthing are 21143), and about 15
> of the 21143 units are talking to cisco switches.

    I am using KNE100TX with 21143 connected to cisco 1900,
10baseT forced full dup.  The card won't auto negotiate, but
can be 'forced' into various Fd modes through the options=command.
    Most of the FD modes don't work at all, some do work, but statistics
on the Ciscos show lots of runt frames and very slow throughput, the usual
signs of the card being in half duplex and the Cisco being in full.

    This behavior is replicateable with the 21140 by actually
putting them in half duplex while the cisco is in full dup.

    The 21140's work properly providing 1000Kbyte/sec throughput
between two linux boxes in FD mode options=16.

    The Full dup green light never turns on in either card,
but we are very happy with the performance of the 21140's.
Alsa they are no longer avialable.  

    If I am doing something stupid here, I would dearly love
to know because we are very dedicated to the Kingston 2114x's

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