[tulip] LinkSys LNE100TX (again)

Jason Thomas jason@topic.com.au
Thu, 15 Jun 2000 09:27:03 +1000

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brian dunn [bdunn@pegasus.cc.ucf.edu] wrote:
> Chris Blown wrote:
> > phoneranger wrote:
> >
> > > I have my Linux box ( I compiled both tulip and pci-scan for SMP since
> > > I'm running SMP) and a Win95 box running with the LinkSys cards on a
> > > LinkSys 10/100 hub.  Both appear to be sending packets, but neither
> > > machine can communicate with the other.  When I ping from Linux box to
> > > the Win95 box, I see the indicators for both ports on the hub flashing,
> > > so I know something is going out.  Same result if I ping from the Win95
> > > box to the Linux box.  From visual activity on the hub, they appear to
> > > be trying to communicate.  So far I have installed PCI-SCAN and the
> > > latest TULIP driver, which is what's enabled me to get this far.  Could
> > > this be an issue that they are not auto-negotiating in a compatible
> > > manner, and if so, how would I fix it?
> > >
> >
> > This doesn't sound like a tulip problem.
> > What are the IP's and subnet masks you are using for these machines ?
> Linux box:   subnet
> Win95:  subnet

no, that is the correct subnet mask. what about route. just paste the output
from the "route" command and "route -n". and paste the info from "ifconfig"
as well, this is all done on the linux box. then on the windows box run from
the start_menu->run "winipcfg" and that will popup a box on the screen, you
may have to change the device to the network card and the do show details.
And send that info aswell, the other could be faulty cables have you tried
other cables.

> It hit me when I read that; I need to change the subnet to
> Think that will fix it?
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