[tulip] Re: [vortex] True on TRANSMIT ERROR TIMEOUT

Vidar =?iso-8859-1?Q?Haugsv=E6r?= vidar@gs.bergen.hl.no
Wed, 14 Jun 2000 19:17:52 +0200

Daniel Soto Alvarez wrote:
> The problem are the continuos TRANSMIT ERROR (timeouts) in the network. To
> test the network I make 'ping -t server' in any Windows client, and when
> 'transmit timeout' occurs I need to manually restart the HUB. With this the
> network restart, and we can continue out job. This problem occurs randomly:
> days no, days little, days heavy...
> I have tested with TWO different HUBS (one 100MB x 8 ports / actually 10/100
> x 8 ports); 

What kind of HUB are you using? Using a combined 10/100 HUB is like
begging for trouble. You should really be using a switch instead. There
are many reasons for using a switch instead of a plain old HUB nowadays.
Remember to get a switch with a management module, so you manually kan
check status and set port parameters (forcing full-duplex).

You could also try manually setting _all_ your network devices connected
to the hub to 10baseT half-duplex to see if that changes the situation.
If it does, your problems most surely is related to the hub, which they
must surely are anyway.

Oh...BTW: did i remember to advise you to use a switch instead of a
combined 10/100 hub (?) :-)


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