[tulip] Re: [vortex] RE: [eepro100] True on TRANSMIT ERROR TIMEOUT

Jason Thomas jason@topic.com.au
Wed, 14 Jun 2000 09:54:21 +1000

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There are plenty of people on this list that use 1000's of tulip base cards
with no problems. I myself have aleast 50 here all working great. And again
for something that cost us nothing but a little hard work we are really
greatfull, Thanks Donald and Jeff and all who helped to do this.

"Nut behind the wheel syndrome"

Scott McDermott [mcdermot@questra.com] wrote:
> Mark Cox on Tue 13/06 12:52 -0700:
> > machines with these SAME DAMN PROBLEMS all along. This is infuriating.
> > Is it Intel's fault? Is it Becker's fault? I really do not care.
> It is nobody's `fault.'  You are lucky someone writes a driver for you.
> Why don't you try to write one yourself and then people can tell you
> it's your fault their servers aren't working.  How much money did you
> pay for your driver, BTW? Maybe you should use Windows, I hear their
> eepro drivers work fine.
> > I just want the drivers to recover from whatever PCI bus or other
> > issue they have. Is there not a (beta or otherwise) successfully
> > recovering driver out there? Has anyone found a better fix than a
> > 'duct tape' hang check that reloads the module?
> We use 3C905Bs under heavy load without any problems whatever, and
> near-infinite uptimes.  Not once have I had to re-insert a NIC driver
> module.
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