[tulip] Re: [vortex] Re: [eepro100] True on TRANSMIT ERROR TIMEOUT

G. Del Merritt del@lincoln.midcoast.com
Tue, 13 Jun 2000 08:14:32 -0400

At 09:32 PM 6/13/00 +1000, Andrew Morton wrote:
>Can anyone suggest a reason why we _shouldn't_ simply reset the NIC to
>the utmost possible extent in tx_timeout?  Restart media selection,
>reinitialise ring buffers, etc, etc?

I am lame and have a 10/100baseT dumb hub at home.  Some of my systems have 
100baseT-capable NICs, some old NE2000's that just do 10baseT.

After a (re)boot, I (currently) manually set my vortex:
   # mii-diag -A 10baseT -F 10baseT

If the driver automatically re-thought media selection it would be "broken" 
for me if it found my hub and said, "ah, you can do 100baseT"; while the 
hub is willing, several of the hosts also on the hub can only do 
10baseT.  When the hosts on this hub are at different speeds they cannot 
see each other.

The above can also be construed either as a request for the proper way to 
load/configure the driver so that it will "stick" at 10baseT, or as a 
solicitation for someone to send me their "spare" 10/100 _bridge_.  :-)

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