Tulip driver, Linksys card, and 2.3.x kernels.. success

Jim Morris Jim@Morris.net
Thu Jan 20 21:27:15 2000


You neglected to state what you have this card connected to.  I have
several of these cards, and although they work fine connected to a
10BaseT hub, the 0.91x driver did not work well for me when I connected
the cards to a 10/100BaseTX hub or switch.  I had trouble with the media
selection sometimes choosing 10MBPS instead of 100MBPS.  I also had a
lot of trouble with TX timeouts at 100BaseTX.

So, are you using a 10BaseT or 100BaseTX network?

Thanks for the info....

James Curbo wrote:

> I recently bought a Linksys EtherFast LNE100TX PCI network card,
> and started digging through the Tulip page on CESDIS to get the driver,
> since I have read before that the kernel driver is outdated.
> Well the latest development driver (0.91g I believe) doesn't compile on
> 2.3.x (as previously reported) and I found Kevin Myers' reports
> on this mailing list about how he got the new 0.91x drivers
> to compile. I followed them and I would like to report
> that they work like a charm and I've had the driver going for
> about a day now with no apparent problems. I'd like to thank Kevin
> for the instructions, I'm not a superb kernel hacker, and without
> them I'd be forced to use 2.2 and not be on the bleeding edge :)
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