Macronix MX98715 can't be set to 100baseTx-HD with tulip-driver?

Thu Jan 20 18:50:46 2000

G'day to everyone

I have had the same problems with a similar setup, but the Hub
I'm using is a 100BaseTx only. So I can't see how it is supposed
to work at 10mbps as all the 10baseT cards I have tried using
on this Hub fail to work. The duplex issue has caused problems
too, as I seem to always be in FD.

I was using options=3 for a while on all our Linux boxes, but
the network would dissappear on heavy loads. But I have
managed to get it going without these problems by setting
tulip to autosense on all Linux boxes and also getting our
Windows users to autosense too.

I must say that the network seems to work better, but I do
get the same problems now and then.

Thanks Nick Lopez for checking the code, I too have had a
look and I think this NWay fact, confuses the tulip-diag code?

Anyway thanks everyone for the help and what not.

Chris Blown

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