2.2.14 breaks tulip

Johan Kullstam kullstam@ne.mediaone.net
Sat Jan 8 15:36:06 2000

Alan Cox <alan@lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk> writes:

> > My uniprocessor AMD K6-2/300 fails to do anything network-related
> > shortly after the tulip module is loaded under 2.2.14. 
> A very small number of people see this with the tulip. Thats why there is
> an old-tulip which is the 2.2.13 version. I wish it wasnt so but thats right
> now as good a solution as I have.
> > Falling back to 2.2.13 fixes the problem.
> This should for 'official' digital chips

i get problems with the new version too.  i'd like to look into this,
but i am having trouble finding information.  btw where does one post
fixes/patches?  linux-kernel, linux-network, linux-tulip, donald
becker?  is this driver part of the normal linux maintainence or does
everything route through becker?

how does one find development versions of the tulip driver?  i have
0.89h from the old_tulip.c, 0.91g is the new tulip.c and 0.91 is
available on the tulip website at

where are 0.91a through 0.91f?  do these even exist?  have they ever
existed?  0.89h and 0.91 work for me, but 0.91f does not.  the diff
between 0.91 and 0.91f is large.  in order for me to track the problem
down, it would help to be able to regress to find a smaller

my problem is that my tulip 21041 gets called a 21143 and then
everything stops.  for details, see
i forwarded a similar message to the tulip-bugs list but there was no
response.  i note that
had the same problem with 0.91e.  i deduce that 0.91e once existed.  where
do i find that?

also, many of the links on 
leading to
are dead as it seems, unfortunately, that greg siekas is no longer
maintaining them (for whatever reason).  do these pages still exist?
are they wanting a new home?


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