What cards are currently based on Tulip chip?

Michael Chaney mdchaney@michaelchaney.com
Fri Jan 7 15:00:57 2000

> I need to get a few more NICs and would like to stick with cards that have
> Tulip chipsets.  However, I'm not sure which cards currently are known to
> be Tulip cards.  Are Kingston KNE100-TX card still Tulip based?  Any other
> good cards out there?

I've had excellent luck with some sohoware cards cards from NDC.  They're
labelled as "sohoware fast auto 10/100 pci fast ethernet card", and go for
$20 at CompUSA, with a $10 rebate on the first two that you buy.  They come
with a slightly modified version of the v0.90 tulip driver, and instructions
for use under Linux, but the .91g-ppc driver that comes with the 2.2.14
kernel works fine with the card, also.  I have a 100Mb FD switch, and have
seen >10MB/sec transfers on files in the 20MB range.  The cards are based on
the Macronix MX98715AEC chip, not actually a Tulip, but really close.

They're unbeatable for the price.  I've bought 8 or 9 of them, and have had
no bad ones in the bunch.  (and I don't work for the company or any of

Just FYI.

Michael Darrin Chaney  -   Yes, I am *that* Michael Chaney

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