Intel 21145 Phoneline/Ethernet LAN controller

Darin Fisher
Tue Feb 29 13:47:13 2000


I'm trying to figure out how to get my Gateway Profile II with an Intel
21145 Phoneline/Ethernet
LAN controller working.  From what I have been able to tell, the tulip
driver is probably the one
for it.  However, I am having trouble getting it to work.  I am running
linux-2.2.14.  I tried both
tulip and old_tulip.  tulip.o loaded just fine (w/o complaints).
However, I wasn't able to get a
connection going.  I could set IP parameters using ifconfig, but I can't
seem to send/recv any
pings (except to myself).  I tried the tulip_diag program to see what it
would say, and it told
me that it didn't recognize my card.  (I loaded tulip.o and checked
/proc/ioports for the ioport.
I then passed the port number onto tulip_diag... it didn't recognize the
device.)  I've checked
around the cesdis site and haven't seen anything mentioning this card,
so I figure maybe this
card is just too new.  So, if anyone can help me, I'd really appreciate
it.  It would be very cool
to get at least the Ethernet portion of this card working.

Thanks in advance,

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