tulip 91 on Trenton board

sekmu sekmu@tisiphone.dhs.org
Fri Feb 25 20:24:28 2000

 First off, I'm new on this list... is there an archive someplace?

 Main point is notification of problem/resolution and a board that can be 
said as 'working' with the driver.
 I was having some minor problems with the tulip driver on this board,
using .89, where it would not autonegotiate the connection.  If I took
down the network, rmmod the driver, then re- insmod it, it would work
fine.  I finally managed to figure out using the tulip-diag tool that the
first time after bootup, the Autonegotiation was being disabled.  It was
using the 100bT/half-duplex by default, which wasn't working on our
10bT/full-duplex system.
  I installed the .91g driver (from linux/test/tulip.c) and it works fine

 The board is:
   Model 5649-301 TR-P2BX/500 Trenton 500 MHz Pentium III SBC 
 (SBC=Single Board Computer)


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