IntraServer Quad Ethernet -- Fixed!

Rick Kiessig
Wed Feb 23 23:44:36 2000


Thanks to everyone who responded to my pleas for help about the 4-port
IntraServer (IS) 5232E-TP Tulip card.  I'm happy to report that I've been
able to make it work correctly.  I thought the solution might be of general

The IS card is based on the 21143-PD Tulip chip.  Neither the de4x5 nor the
0.91g version of the tulip driver correctly handle full duplex mode for this

The solution was to use a version of the tulip driver as modified by Znyx
for their Quad-port 21143 board.  I downloaded the driver off of the Znyx
web site.  My testing isn't completely finished yet, but so far, it works


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