Two CNET PRO120s in same box

Tue Feb 22 00:21:03 2000

I have installed two CNET PRO120s in the same box.  One is for local
the other is to be for a DSL connection which will soon be made, but is
not set up yet.  In readiness for this I have tried putting both cards
in the machine, which
is running RedHat Linux 6.1.  My problem is that I cannot figure out the
way to get the system to recognize both cards.  As long as I put only
one ethernet interface
(eth0) into /etc/conf.modules, all is well.  And I can use either card -
the local lan works.

However, when I try to get the system to recognize both cards, neither
Since the box boots both Linux and Win95, I am able to go into Win95 and
learn that
one card is at IRQ 10, IO address 0xF800-0xFBFF, and the other is IRQ
11, IO address 0xFC00-0xFCFF

No matter how I try to put this information in, and I've tried all the
configurations in the Ethernet HOWTO for dealing with two cards, it
fails to initialize either one.

Only this configuration works 

alias tulip eth0

If I try both

alias tulip eth0
alias tulip eth1
options tulip irq=10,11 io=0xf800,0xfc00

it fails.  If I try to do it on two lines, that is

options tulip -o tulip-lan irq=10 io=0xf800
options tulip -o tulip-inet irq=11 io=0xfc00

this also fails.

Doh! I just thought of something - do the irq#s have to be hexadecimal
I doubt it will work but I will give it a try.  In the meantime, if
anyone has any other ideas please let me hear them.
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