SIOCSIFFLAGS: Resource temporarily unavailable
Wed Feb 2 08:41:37 2000


Forgive me if this is the wrong spot to post to on this subject.

I have a 2 machine network with a 10Mbit hub and 2 3c509b cards. I could bring
up eth0 on both machines but
they couldn't ping each other. After some suggestions I was removing routes from
my messy routing table
and was going to start the interface again. Now I get

[root@cutlass /dev]# /sbin/ifconfig eth0 netmask up
SIOCSIFFLAGS: Resource temporarily unavailable
SIOCSIFFLAGS: Resource temporarily unavailable

all the time. What did I do via deleting routes to end up in this
persistent state? Also, how do I get out of this state??
/* Socket configuration controls. */
33 #define SIOCSIFFLAGS    0x8914          /* set flags                    */
Did I mess up my TCP/IP stack in deleting routes???

I have Redhat6.1 2.2.12 3c509b is compiled into the kernel.
I've seen a couple of posts elsewhere with this question but no answers (I'm
searching but not to sure where the best place to look is ).

Thanks for your patience and help


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