[tulip] Multiple detection? and more troubles

Ed ed@divo.ru
Fri, 22 Dec 2000 10:06:57 +0300

tasc> I've succeeding in linking 0.92 into a 2.2.10 kernel (I was previously using
tasc> 0.91g) but when the kernel boots it seems to find the card eight times over
tasc> and so sets up eth0 through eth7!
At me the same problem with a card cnet on the chip davicom 9102.

[root@linux admin]# grep -i davicom  /var/log/dmesg
eth1: Davicom DM9102 rev 49 at 0xc8002000, 00:00:AD:72:01:62, IRQ 10.
eth2: Davicom DM9102 rev 49 at 0xc8004000, 00:00:AD:72:01:62, IRQ 10.
eth3: Davicom DM9102 rev 49 at 0xc8006000, 00:00:AD:72:01:62, IRQ 10.
eth4: Davicom DM9102 rev 49 at 0xc8008000, 00:00:AD:72:01:62, IRQ 10.
eth5: Davicom DM9102 rev 49 at 0xc800a000, 00:00:AD:72:01:62, IRQ 10.
eth6: Davicom DM9102 rev 49 at 0xc800c000, 00:00:AD:72:01:62, IRQ 10.
eth7: Davicom DM9102 rev 49 at 0xc800e000, 00:00:AD:72:01:62, IRQ 10.

(eth0 is 3com 590)

It is unpleasant to  that those network cards, which search goes the
ambassador tulip (i.e. 3com 509), are not automatically detected.

Other problem - speed of drivers for linux. I have a file server NW
4.1 with a network card 3com 905 and machine with a network card cnet
connected to server cross-over by a cable. For testing the copying
from server of a file by the size 49Mb to /dev/null was used (to avoid
reading from a disk all repeated three times and got out minimal
value). Under linux it has appeared 17 (seventeen!!!!) seconds. Under
win'98 5 (five) seconds.

And last - from time to time on the console is given out the message "
eth1: Transmit error ". Such impression, that it occurs in some
seconds after network activity.

Tulip.c:v0.92n 11/3/2000
Kernel: 2.2.17
Linux: RH 6.0

PS: with network cards cnet there is a driver dmfe.c. Somebody has
tried to use it?

dmfe.c: Version 1.27         10/08/1999

      A CNet PRO200 DM9102(A)/DM9132/DM9801 fast ethernet driver
      for Linux.
      Copyright (C) 1997  Sten Wang
  Author: Sten Wang, 886-3-5798797-8517, E-mail: sten_wang@davicom.com.tw

Best regards,                                                                                                               grep -i davicom  /var/log/dmesg

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