[tulip] mandrake 7.0

Erik Steffl steffl@bigfoot.com
Thu, 21 Dec 2000 11:21:51 -0800

Hank Barta wrote:
> On Wed, 20 Dec 2000, Erik Steffl wrote:
> >   the best way to get latest drivers is to go to www.scyld.com a get the
> > drivers and diagnostics programs there, along with the instruction on
> > how to compile and use them.
>     In my case, I needed to use the 'test' version of the driver
>     for this card. Even the version with the 2.4.0pre<whatever>
>     kernel did not work.
> >   I had no luck with that card, it's still not working and I have tried
> > almost everything... not sure where the problem is though, it migh be my
> > motherboard or something (the card works under win95 on the same
> > computer though).
>     On my motherboard, I needed to use a different PCI slot to get
>     it working.  (ABIT KT-7) I recall hearing from another user
>     with this mobo that had to do the same thing. Have you tried
>     moving cards aroune? The 'intelligent' way to do this would
>     probably be to identify which onboard devices share resources
>     with the various PCI slots and determine the best layout. (I
>     just tried the next empty slot and it worked.)

  I tried that, the first position the card was in broke the sound,
later on I've found that that particular PCI slot and ISA slot where the
soundcard is are shared. So I moved the network card to another PCI slot
and now the soundcard is working properly, the network card however does