[tulip] Problem with Netgear FA 310 and Linksys LNE 100TX

Rajan Desai rajan11@hotmail.com
Mon, 18 Dec 2000 22:48:49


I am trying to set up my linux gateway to serve my home network. I have 
netgear as eth0 and linksys as eth1. When eth0 (netgear) is recognized by 
linux (RedHat 7.0) easily but refuses to recognize eth1 (linksys). I know 
both use tulip drivers. I tried to install the latest drivers but still no 

I had similar problem with RedHat 6.2 but by installing latest drivers, 
problem was solved. In between I played with Caldera 2.4 preview kernel and 
there was no problem with the cards. Same cards are recognized properly on 
win 95 (my second partition).

Can any one help me to understand what's going on here? any help will be 
greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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