[tulip] My final 2-bits worth on FD/HD & Linksys/NE/Tulip

Mr V (Note my email change!!!) volentib@netmdc.com
Sat, 16 Dec 2000 12:36:16 -0700

	If you have the Network Everywhere card (which I do) and can boot to DOS,
be sure to try the ncdiag.exe program that comes on the driver disk (can't
change/test anything under Win or DOS-box).
	I was able to bump packets sent from 1 to 2 and my throughput
(diagnostically anyway) jumped from 33 Mb/sec (auto-sense) to 86Mb/sec (100
FD) - damned close to the theoretical limit of 100Mb/sec.

	Also, (for the half-duplex problem) the diagnostic program showed my NIC as
'auto-detect'.  I simply changed it to 100MB full duplex.  Now the top
status light on my NIC is lit (which shows it's in 100 mode)

	Sorry if this is considered spamming since it isn't tulip specific...

***Hank: Yep.  If you're getting 200-500Mb throughput on your system, you're
definitely not using Charter Pipeline like me!  I'm in awe.