[tulip] LNE100TXversion 4.1 support status?

Erik Steffl steffl@bigfoot.com
Sun, 10 Dec 2000 15:05:05 -0800

"Stephen Gutknecht (vw)" wrote:
> Erik,
> I can't help you other than to answer your question :)  The last three
> versions of the Linkssys LNE100TX have wake-on LAN.  I own several of the
> Version 2.0 and Version 4.1 adapters (all of which have Wake On LAN).
> If you go to this page:
> http://www.linksys.com/download/
> And select "LNE100TX" you will see photographs of each of the chipsets.

  I have the one listed as first, I guess it's the most recent one, the
card says LNE100TX version 4.1

> The short version is that you must be using a recent version of tulip.o for
> the LNE100TX Version 4.1.   What version of tulip.o are you using?

  I tried the ones from download page and the test drivers that Donald
Becker said are needed for full duplex support. I still have the same
problem, no matter which driver I use. The test driver is slightly
better because it does not suffer from freeze (after freeze I needed to
reload drivers to be able to transmit anything, then it worked until
next freeze).

  No matter which driver I use the carrier errors are there, the tx
fails fairly often during heavy traffic and tulip diag (patched and
unpatched) says the link is half-duplex.

  is it possible that even though the card says version 4.1 it is
slightly different from other 4.1 cards? or is there some obscure
problem with my set-up/HW?

  are you using the LNE100TX cards in 100Mbs full duplex mode?


> Having a switch at full and a card at half duplex would surely cause
> problems...
>   Stephen Gutknecht
>   Renton, Washington
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> Subject: [tulip] LNE100TXversion 4.1 support status?
>   I have the LNE100TX version 4.1 network card and despite help from
> this list I cannot get it to work properly. The card seems to be the
> latest model of few models named LNE100TX, this one has wake on lan
> connector (I think previous ones didn't have but I am not sure about
> it).
>   My question is: was this specific card tested by developers and is it
> considered working and my card is just a special case (maybe some PCI
> bus problem or something like that). Or is it under active development?
> In other words, is there a hope or should I just get another card? (in
> that case: is there a card that is known to be reliably working in
> 100Mbs, full duplex mode?)
>   I have described the problems quite a few times so here's just a brief
> summary: the diagnostic software says that the card is in 100Mbs, half
> duplex mode (while it should be in full duplex mode, IMO, card on the
> other side of crossover cable is in full duplex mode) and I get carrier
> errors all the time (resulting in tx timeouts).
>   the card works fine under win95 so I guess there are no HW problems.
>   TIA
>         erik
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