[tulip] LNE100TXversion 4.1 support status?

Erik Steffl steffl@bigfoot.com
Sun, 10 Dec 2000 00:55:19 -0800

  I have the LNE100TX version 4.1 network card and despite help from
this list I cannot get it to work properly. The card seems to be the
latest model of few models named LNE100TX, this one has wake on lan
connector (I think previous ones didn't have but I am not sure about

  My question is: was this specific card tested by developers and is it
considered working and my card is just a special case (maybe some PCI
bus problem or something like that). Or is it under active development?
In other words, is there a hope or should I just get another card? (in
that case: is there a card that is known to be reliably working in
100Mbs, full duplex mode?)

  I have described the problems quite a few times so here's just a brief
summary: the diagnostic software says that the card is in 100Mbs, half
duplex mode (while it should be in full duplex mode, IMO, card on the
other side of crossover cable is in full duplex mode) and I get carrier
errors all the time (resulting in tx timeouts).

  the card works fine under win95 so I guess there are no HW problems.