[tulip] Znyx ZX346Q Card Problems

Donald Becker becker@scyld.com
Wed, 6 Dec 2000 21:36:49 -0500 (EST)

On Wed, 6 Dec 2000, Kingsbury, Michael wrote:

> I have a series of Linux based machines with the Znyx ZX346Q network cards.
> We've upgraded the tulip driver to .92p on them, and we still are having
> difficulty with them when the device at the other end is reset, the link
> does not seem to be fully re-established.     A simple test comprises of the
> following:  

I have a Znyx ZX346Q rev AA (?) with 21143-PC chips and QS661 transceivers.
Does this match your hardware?

(Note I also have a Znyx ZX346 rev 0/A (01A?) with 21143-AF chips and ICS
transceivers in the test stack. )

> Favorite packet snifffer running on eth1, eth2 in promiscuous mode
> Witness incoming & outgoing packets 
> Pull ethernet cable on eth1
> Wait 5 seconds
> Plug back in.
> After this, we no longer see STP packets coming through the interface, while
> we do see ICMP broadcast ping requests.

This is very curious.  The media reset should not reset the Rx filter.

> A simple 'ifconfig eth1 up' restores the state to prior to pulling the
> cable, ie, STP packets are seen by the still running packet sniffe <OR> by
> re-starting the packet sniffer.

This does hint that the Rx mode is being reloaded.

> I think its a problem with the promiscuous state being maintained while the
> link is re-established, as I see messages to the effect of going into
> promiscuous mode when the 'ifconfig eth1 up' command is run.
> Any thoughts or is this a driver issue?

Yes, this really sounds like a driver problem, but...

Doh!  I seem to be able to reproduce this.  Damn, I was hoping it was your
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