Neill, Mark
Fri Apr 28 11:21:38 2000

Slightly off-topic, but for anyone who's interested....

>Their current products do work with autonegotiation.

   Cisco's Catalyst switches still have autonegotiate problems with, at the
very least, SUN hardware.  We have to force the cards in our servers to
100FDX in order to avoid getting "autonegotiated" (read as: "well, this
seems to work, since I'm getting a response from the switch now...") to

>The closest you can get is to advertise only full duplex
>media types.  I think they were feeding you a line..

   Different wording, I guess....our network people have told us that Cisco
and SUN have problems (One of them fixes the bug causing autonegotiation
problems on their side, and the other side breaks.  Two months later, the
other side fixes their bug, and breaks the original side again.).  The fix
is, as Donald says, to only advertise 100FDX for autonegotiation.
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