linux and new linksys cards

Paul Zimmerman
Thu Apr 27 17:40:19 2000

omar <> wrote:
> I wanted to set up a linux box as a bridge, but its so difficult
> finding good network cards that WORK in linux. I'm trying
> to use windows98's ICS, but that thing just stops working
> for no reason......very annoying to say the least. plus win98
> needs more resources than linux does. all these new pci
> cards, linksys and SMC has some really inexpensive ones,
> all have windows drivers, but no linux drivers.... 

I've had good luck with the SMC EZcard 10/100 (got it on sale
for $16). I haven't really beat on it hard, but it works OK in my
little home network. It uses the stock rtl8139 driver in 2.2.12.

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