2 KNE100TX cards, no hub/switch, options= ?

Donald Becker becker@scyld.com
Wed Apr 26 20:34:17 2000

On Wed, 26 Apr 2000, Dami0n wrote:

> I have 2 KNE100TX NICs (DS21143) connected via a crossover cable.
> one is in a linux box, and the other in win98 (with kingston driver)
> what should i be forcing?
> 100Mbit ?  FullDuplex ?
> at both ends? or just one (which one?) ?

Neither.  You should allow autonegotiation to take place.  Read
forcing either the speed or duplex will prevent autoenegotiation.

> everything i've tried so far seems either unreliable, or slow/broken.

Version 91g (or 91g-ppc) should work with most 21143 cards.
The v92 driver from http://www.scyld.com/network/index.html should work with
all known 21143 cards.

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