More DFE-570TX Tx Hung Problems

Tim Dixon
Tue Apr 18 04:43:38 2000

> > When they do occur, it's quite drastic because an ifconfig up/down
> > restore the interface to working order, only a hardware reboot does the
> > (which tends to inconvenience people attached to other ports!).
> Hmmm, that's an important point.  Are you using modules?  If so, so
> and reinserting the module restore operation?  (I suspect not.)

Haven't tried that, as I say, it's a once a fortnight bug, so it may be a
little while
before I get round to finding out.

> Do any of the interfaces on the 4-port card work when this happens?

Well (and this is where it gets more interesting), some of the cards are
sharing IRQs (there aren't enough to go around....). When we have this
problem two interfaces on two separate cards usually go down together - two
interfaces that share the same IRQ. However, a third interface (which also
shares the same IRQ) seems to get along fine...

Tim Dixon

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