21143 specific problems

David Sean Friedman dsf+@andrew.cmu.edu
Thu Sep 30 14:21:45 1999

Excerpts from tulip: 30-Sep-99 Re: 21143 specific problems by David Sean
> I'm not completely convinced FD is broken on the 21143. One thing I'd
> like to try tomorrow is connecting the two machines directly with a
> crossover cable, and setting them to 100Tx-FD. That should show whether
> this is a negotiation or FD problem.
I just finished this. By setting both the tulip and the eepro100 to
100baseTx-FD and connecting them with a crossover cable, both TCP and
UDP performance were ~90Mb/s either transmitting or receiving.

So I guess it's only a problem when autonegotiation is used.

David Friedman