Isolated disconnection

Michael Hui
Sat Sep 18 03:47:34 1999


I have a MIPS box that runs a linux 2.0.33 kernel. This box apparently uses
a modified version of tulip.c version 0.79, (modified to work with the box,
I guess).

I ran into a strange problem and I would like to know if anyone have
experienced it before. I'm not exactly sure if it is the kernel or the

I'm running some tests between the MIPS box and a PC running RH6.0. After
running the test for a while (15 minutes or longer), these two machines stop
talking to each other. However, I can connect to either one of these
machines from another machine on the network. When I do a ping from the PC
to the MIPS box, I saw that the packet goes to the MIPS box and then a reply
gets sent to the PC. However, the PC doesn't see it.

My application sets up some IP aliases on the MIPS box. If I bring any of
the aliases down, the connection between these two machines resumes. Also,
when this happens, I always see a connection in the SYNC_RECV state on the
MIPS box using netstat.

Anyone seen this before or have any idea how I can solve this problem ?