Problems with LNE100TX

Chen-Yuan Wu
Thu Sep 16 11:13:38 1999

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From: Bryan Stillwell <>
To: Chen-Yuan Wu <>
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Date: Thu Sep 16 11:13:38 1999
Subject: RE: Problems with LNE100TX

>>      Can you tell me what is the motherboard you are using? If you are
>> a motherboard with award bios and VIA chipset, please check the
>> when your system boot up, do you see the
>> vender id the production correctly? I forget ther vender id, but the
>> id should be c115.
>I have an Intel AN430TX motherboard running a K6-233 processor.  The BIOS
>is by Phoenix.  If you want me to I can install it in another computer
>that has a Soyo 5EMA+ motherboard in it which I believe uses the VIA
>chipset (even though it's labeled ETEQ).

I believe I have tested the same MB as yours with the inconsistence result
as I describe
in the last mail. So you don't need to install another MB, unless you feel
it would work.

>> Ok, I found your device ID from your post, and it maybe wrong
>> >   PCI Subsystem IDs  Vendor 11ad Device 01c0
>I don't know, the messages I've been getting seem more related to the
>latest driver.  It looks like I have the PNIC-II chip on my LNE100TX, so I
>think I have to use the latest driver for it to work.  I also looked in
>the source for tulip.c and noticed this line:
>{ "Lite-On LC82C115 PNIC-II", { 0xc11511AD, 0xffffffff },
>  TULIP_IOTYPE, 256, PNIC2 },
>So for some reason it seems to be pulling the wrong word out of the long,
>because it has both c115 in it (which you said it should be) and 11AD
>(which is what my card is reporting).  Any ideas on that one?  I'm running
>glibc-2.1.1-9mdk, maybe I should upgrade to the latest?

11AD is the vender ID (as linksys or Lite-on), C115 (as LC82c115)is the
product ID. The phoenix bios will not show them when
system boots up. Under award bios, I can see  the ids from a device table.
I believe at the system bootup time, the NIC has been false recognized as
verder 11AD, device ID 01c0 in your case. What make me feel strange is that
since you NIC was recognized falsely, I don't think insmod tulip would
recgonized the NIC, and it would fail. The tulip.c I use were 0.91g and
0.90f (0.90f with linksys patch, this one came with the NIC, I believe
linksys did the patch), I did not try 0.91j, since, I basically think it is
a hardware problem. So I don't think upgrade to latest glibc will

Best Regards