Problems with LNE100TX

Bryan Stillwell
Thu Sep 16 01:57:42 1999

>      Can you tell me what is the motherboard you are using? If you are using
> a motherboard with award bios and VIA chipset, please check the following:
> when your system boot up, do you see the
> vender id the production correctly? I forget ther vender id, but the product
> id should be c115.

I have an Intel AN430TX motherboard running a K6-233 processor.  The BIOS
is by Phoenix.  If you want me to I can install it in another computer
that has a Soyo 5EMA+ motherboard in it which I believe uses the VIA
chipset (even though it's labeled ETEQ).

>       I have encountered some problems with LNE 100TX with some motherboards
> that the Motherboard couldn't correctly recognize the NIC( either miss it
> totally, or come up with false vender id and production id, such as c115
> will become 4115, then tulip.o will have some problem with the NIC), I have
> try serveral different motherboards (via 82c5856, via 82c598 and intel TX
> chipset) and more than twenty linksys LNE 100TXs. The problem is that some
> NICs work ok, but some NICs are just couldn't be recgonized
> correctly(sometimes swap slot helps, but once it wouln't work in that
> particular slot, it will never work in that particular slot). I have contact
> the MB manufacturers and linksys. It looks like a hardware mismatch for me,
> but these motherboards work fine with other NICs
> such as the old PNIC, DEC base, eepro100,via-rhine base, real-tek 8139 base,
> NICs. I tend to think there is some problem in the LNE100TX NICs.
> I hope I can hear from linksys soon.

It looks like the time before I didn't do an 'insmod pci-netif.o' before
the 'insmod tulip.o', but when I do do this I still get an error message.
The message is 'tulip.o: unresolved symbol pci_drv_unregister'.  The
'tulip.o: unresolved symbol pci_drv_register' message went away after I
loaded the pci-netif module.  This seems kind of strange, because when I
looked at the source for pci-netif.c it had a function for it.

> Ok, I found your device ID from your post, and it maybe wrong
> >   PCI Subsystem IDs  Vendor 11ad Device 01c0

I don't know, the messages I've been getting seem more related to the
latest driver.  It looks like I have the PNIC-II chip on my LNE100TX, so I
think I have to use the latest driver for it to work.  I also looked in
the source for tulip.c and noticed this line:

{ "Lite-On LC82C115 PNIC-II", { 0xc11511AD, 0xffffffff },

So for some reason it seems to be pulling the wrong word out of the long,
because it has both c115 in it (which you said it should be) and 11AD
(which is what my card is reporting).  Any ideas on that one?  I'm running
glibc-2.1.1-9mdk, maybe I should upgrade to the latest?

Thanks for the help and ideas,