Please Help me w/ Compiling

brad demirjian
Mon Sep 13 09:45:42 1999

I have a system running redhat 6.0 I installed all packages provided on the
CD.  I have a DEC 21140 based NIC.  The system is running on two celerons
and is in SMP "mode", at least that is what the info provided by KDE tells

When I run the compile command provided w/ the latest tulip driver (9/13/99)
for smp 2.2.9 kernel systems I get the following messages

implicit declaration of function 'Get_APIC_ID' ...  'APIC_Base' undeclared
...  'APIC_ID' undeclared...

I am quite new to linux, thus I did not edit the tulip.c file at all do I
need to edit it?

Also How do I assign IRQs and memory ranges?

Thank you


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