21142 only keeps hub light on for about 10 seconds

Ed Troy etroy@aeroconsult.com
Sat Oct 23 15:23:11 1999

I have finally made some progress trying to get this Micron 
notebook/docking station to work. It still does not work, but now, when I 
boot up, if I bring up usernet, it shows eth0 as up and running. It is not, 
however, as far as my hub is concerned, or my ability to access the net. 
(The light that corresponds to the cable going to this computer is not on.) 
I can get the hub light to come on for about 10 seconds if I de-activate 
eth0 using usernet, and then re-activate it.

One thing that I notice if I run dmesg | more is that there is a message at 
the end
eth0: Using user-specified media 100baseTX
eth0: 2142 100baseTx link beat good.

Although most of the cards on my network are 10/100 cards, the hub is only 
10 MBPS. I am wondering if the 21142 is running at only 100 MBPS, and thus 
my hub can't handle it. Is there a way to throttle it to only 10 MBPS, or 
do I have a different problem?

I got as far as I am by turning off PnP in my bios before starting linux. 
That seems to help. (It is telling me that eth0 is on irq 9, which is where 
it was in windows 95, along with a whole bunch of other things, like TI 
pci-1131 cardbus controller, TI-PCI1131 cardbus controller, Adaptec AIC7860 
pci scsi, Neomagic MagicGraph 128XD (video card), and IRQ holder for PCI