Can't get 21142 ethernet card to work in Micron Transport Docking station

Ed Troy
Sat Oct 23 11:08:39 1999

I have a Micron Transport XKE with a docking station. I recently loaded 
Redhat 6.0, and it works fine, except I can't get the external monitor to 
work with xwindows, and, more pertinent to this list, I can't connect to my 
network. Everything works fine under Windows 95, so I know the connections 
and hardware is good. (I mentioned the video situation because I saw, 
somewhere on one of the newsgroups, something about an interaction between 
the ethernet and the external monitor under Xwindows, so the problems may 
be related.)

The light on my hub does not light, under Linux. The card was automatically 
recognized when I installed the software, and said the tulip driver would 
be installed.

If I do a dmesg | more, there is reference to the tulip driver and eth0, 
but it also says there is no EEPROM, so the card may not work. That is 
probably where my problem lies, but, like I said, it all works fine under 
Windows 95, so I know the card is good. I've seen other posts mentioning 
this problem, but no follow-ups.

If I check /etc/conf.modules, I do see alias eth0 tulip, like I should. 
(That is the only line referring to the eth0 or tulip card. There are no 
options, but my understanding is that you don't need them for this chip set.)

Somewhere else, it also says the chip set is a dec21142, rev 48.

Does anyone know what the problem is, or what the fix is?


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