tulip drivers problems with Linksys WOL 10/100 card

ron flory ron.flory@adtran.com
Mon Oct 18 10:18:28 1999


 'just picked up 2 brand-new linksys 10/100 Wake-On-Lan cards, and am
having a bear of a time getting the tulip drivers to cooperate.  The
cards are using the new "Lite-On" clone chipset.

 the drivers with 2.2.9 don't recognize the card at all, but 2.2.11-ac3
sees it as a tulip-type card, but won't configure it.

 Using the newest tulip driver from Mr. Bekers site seems to get the
network online under 2.2.9, but clobbers PPP pretty badly.  using the
new drivers with 2.2.11-ac3 doesn't break PPP, but the card doesn't
work, and reports 'time-out -errors, statis=xxxxx resetting card' on the
console every 5 seconds.

 My question is: are the new drivers intended for use under 2.2.x or
2.3.x kernels

 I have 2 systems (K6-350 / dual-PPro), running a RedHat 6.0-based

 Thanks folks-