Thu Oct 14 12:12:25 1999

Ok guys check this scenario out.

I used to have two PCI cards that needed the tulip driver.
One was a 10mbit card, (SMC Etherpower something..)
and the other was a new 10/100Mbit linksys card.

Using 0.91g, I could not get the Etherpower to work properly when it was 
hooked up to the cable modem side, but it works fine if its hooked up to a 
regular hub.
So instead of doing the logical thing which is have the 100 mbit LInksys 
card on the hub side where my internal 100mbit lan is,  I had to use the 
100mbit linksys card on the cable modem side which is only 10mbit, so its a 

well yesterday i finally got a hold of another network card, I got the 3COM 
3C595 10/100mbit card....and it works beautifully!  i put that 100mbit 3com 
card, on the side of the 100mbit hub, and then I put the linksys card on 
the cable modem (where it was before)....the SMC card just won't work at 
all with the cable modem....its a weird card too, it doesn't turn on unless 
the driver turns it on....otherwise it is dark (no lights).  most other 
cards start flashing lights right when the power goes on