Please help

Brian Leeper
Wed Oct 13 22:59:04 1999

On Wed, 13 Oct 1999, Jason Thomas wrote:

> So what chipset do we use when the tulips are all gone.  My understanding is
> they are no longer manufactured, as digital no longer exist.

The Kingston KNE100TX uses a 21143 Tulip chip with the Intel logo on it.

I'm not aware of any plans that Intel has to discontinue this chip(they
own the rights to it now), and it would be a major problem for Kingston as
well as for Cobalt Networks who uses the 21143 in the Cobalt RaQ server.

The Intel EEPro chip can't replace the 21143, no matter how much Intel may
try to market the EEPro (my understanding is that it has a broken
multicast filter, the data book is wrong in several critical places, ad