Experiences w/ D-Link DFE-570TX + loadbalancing?

M.Brands shrike@il.fontys.nl
Mon Oct 11 10:23:29 1999

On Mon, Oct 11, 1999 at 01:58:15PM +0000, Marcus Freudeberg allegedly wrote:
> Hello!
> I'm interested in any experiences you made with the D-Link DFE-570 Quad-port
> Ethernet card and alpha-linux. Is it possible to do real load
> sharing/balancing amoung the 4 ports of this card? Is there any software to
> configure this or are there special tulip-drivers for this? Wich is the
> highest perfomance you reached with load sharing on this card?
> Many thanks for your advice!
> Marcus. 

I think there are kernelpatches for Beowulfsystems that allow you to
do this kind of stuff. There's probably some info on it on the following
page: http://beowulf.gsfc.nasa.gov/beowulf.html