Davicom 9102[A] support from *tulip* Driver ?

Keith Owens kaos@ocs.com.au
Thu Nov 11 10:22:12 1999

On Thu, 11 Nov 1999 12:40:34 +0000, 
John Vickers <John.Vickers@PaceMicro.com> wrote:
>I got the impression that the Davicom 9102[A]
>[ http://www.davicom.com.tw/dm9102.htm ]
>is basically a 21143 clone, with integrated 10/100 MII.
>I know Davicom offer their own Linux driver, but I'd trust the tulip
>driver more.

Interesting the way that Davicom handle changes to CSR6.  All changes
are done via

  Update CR6 vaule
  Firstly stop DM910X , then written value and start
static void update_cr6(u32 cr6_data, u32 ioaddr)
  u32 cr6_tmp;
  cr6_tmp=cr6_data & ~0x2002;           /* stop Tx/Rx */
  outl(cr6_tmp, ioaddr+DCR6);
  outl(cr6_data, ioaddr+DCR6);
  /* printk("CR6 update %x ", cr6_tmp); */

Rather like the kludge I had to put into the Xircom Cardbus driver.
Without some delay, the MAC setup frame was being lost.