SMP and dual tulip: Solution!

Argentium G. Tiger
Tue Nov 9 20:13:07 1999

I ran into a *very* similar problem with my IWill DBS100 motherboard.  I
finally located information that hinted that the "MPS" setting stood for
"Multi-Processing Support" - my motherboard manual only explained MPS as
"Change the MPS setting here" (gee thanks).

I had it set to 1.1, and could ping my own machine, but no others.  When
set to 1.4, my tulip based cards (Linksys Etherfast 100Mb/s) started
working properly.

At 11:37 PM 11/09/1999 +0100, Olof Zachrisson <> wrote:

[ Similar tale involving a dual celeron system and two 21140 NIC's and
  that accursed MPS setting ]