problem with Macronix MX98715AEC

Tzvetan Ivanov
Wed Nov 3 06:46:16 1999


I have a problem with my Macronix MX98715AEC and the Tulip-Driver

Everything seems to be ok:

-module tulip is loaded
-at startup the following messages appear:
	Nov  3 11:04:00 divine kernel: tulip.c:v0.89H 5/23/98 
	Nov  3 11:04:00 divine kernel: eth0: Macronix 98715 PMAC at 0xb800,
				       00 00 e8 5e 2d a5, IRQ 12.
-ifconfig eth0 also works fine...

But there is a problem :( 

I have a Laptop with a working Fiberline ethernet card which succesfully
autodetects the transceiver type ie. 10baseT or 100baseTx (I have
tested it - trust me)

Now lets call my Desktop-PC *D* (Macronix) and my Laptop *L* (Fiberline)

*L* has a LED-Indicator which shows if this is a 10baseT or a 100baseTx

When I run insmod tulip with the setting option=3 (3 for 100baseTx) my
ethernet LED on *L* indicates that I have a 10baseT connection (which is
since I actually started insmod with option=3) 
ping *D* from *L* or ping *L* from *D* both donīt work.

When I run: insmod tulip options=12 (10baseT) .... same result as above :(

Now Iīve tried: insmod tulip options=13 (MII 100baseTx)
and look *L*-LED indicates a 100baseTx Connection :)
But ping still does not work!

When I tried: insmod tulip options=9 (MII 10baseT) same result as with MII
100baseTx --- STRANGE

Well As I donīt have any skill in device-programming I would like to ask
this hopefully easy question:
How can I get my Macronix MX98715AEC Card  work under Linux?

Other things that might be important:
Distribution: Debian2.1 Slink
libc6 2.0.7.xx
running Kernel 2.0.36

Please Help Me Iīve spend hours on it and it would be so nice if this was
awarded with success - in the END

Awaiting your helpfull answers


ps. Keep on Linux 

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