"10baseT link beat good"

Dana Hudes dhudes@BayNetworks.COM
Fri May 28 09:59:21 1999

I just saw that v0.91e is in the test download directory as of 26 May.
Grabbed it, compiled it, installed it and rebooted.

ifconfig eth0 reports "carrier: 0" meaning no carrier transition.
/var/log/messages "eth0: 21143 10baseT link beat good."
No load on the card, i.e no traffic.

This card is the SMC Etherpower, which tulip-diag reports is DC21041 .
Of course it also says port selection is "100mbps-SYM/PCS 100baseTx
scrambler, half-duplex."
I'll agree with half-duplex. I guarantee that this is a 10baseT network and
its plugged into
a 10baseT hub. I believe the card is strictly 10megabit.  
Indeed, tulip-diag -e says their are two transceiver description blocks
21041 media index 00 (10baseT)
21041 media index 04 (10baseT-Full Duplex).

A bit of testing in the form of a ping of another machine on the local LAN
(64 bytes only) shows that all is not completely well, which is borne out
by the link light on the hub which is going out for seconds at a time then
coming back
and repeating the cycle.  

450 packets transmitted, 446 packets received 0% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max = 0.5/1205.1/8274.3

This is on a LAN with 4 nodes: Linux, W95 desktop (with SMC Etherpower
card), W95 laptop (Xircom card),
and Flowpoint router.  The laptop is .58 . Pinging the desktop unit
produces similar result: 279 packets transmitted,d 279 packets received.
round-trip min/avg/max = 0.4/1127.2/7628.5ms

Having the desktop unit ping the laptop (w95-w95):  33 sent, 33 received.
Minimum round trip = 0ms, maximum 1ms, average 0ms

We're getting there but we're not out of the woods.

Keep plugging away Donald!


Eat all the bandwidth you want, we'll make more.

Dana Hudes
Nortel Networks Consulting Services