Media Detection Problems with RedHat 6.0

Thu May 27 00:56:42 1999

I've recently installed RedHat 6.0 on a Digital Personal Workstation 266i
which had previously been running NT4 without any problems (a rarity, I
know). It's a Dual P2 266 machine with onboard 21140 ethernet (I think, one
of the tulip variants, anyway) and when it boots it will be fine until it
gets to something that actually wants to access the network...
Then it says the connection times out and tries the next Media Type, which
is 100baseTx. This definately won't work since my hub is only 10Mb ethernet,
but even when it loops to 10baseT media type, it says the connection times
out. Has anyone else encountered this problem?
What can I do to fix this detection problem? I've tried two different cables
so I know it's not a physical connection problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.