Problem with Netgear FA310TX and Motorola Cable Modem

Chad Schell
Tue May 25 15:50:10 1999


I am new to this list and writing to report a problem that I am having with
the Netgear FA310TX connected to a Motorola Cybersurfer cable modem, and
request any advice that people may have.

The problem is that I get very slow ftp transfers for large files.  Under
Win95 with the same card, I get about 300 kB/sec.  Under RedHat Linux 6.0 I
get < 50 kB/sec.  Replacing the card with a 3COM 3c900 (3c59x driver) I get
download speeds > 400kB/sec under Linux.

The FA310TX card that I have is Revision D-1, based on the Lite-On 82c168
chip.  I get the same rates with the version of tulip.o installed by
default with Red-Hat 6.0 (v0.89H 5/23/98), with the modified version of
this driver provided by Netgear, and with the latest available driver
(v0.91 4/14/99).  A second FA310TX is also in the machine connected to a
100BaseT hub, and it performs wonderfully.

The Motorola Cybersurfer is 10BaseT, I believe it is half duplex.  The
machine these cards are in is a Pentium 133 with 48 Mb of Ram.  Neither
network card shares its interrupt with other devices.

I tried increasing the max_interrupt_work and RX_RING_SIZE, but only gained
a small improvement.

Any advice, comments, suggestions, etc. would be appreciated.  I will
supply further information if requested.

Chad Schell