Intel EtherExpress PRO 10/100 CardBus, mostly working

Todd Radel
Sat May 15 11:59:04 1999

After finding a few hints scattered about, I was able to make this card work
with the tulip driver. Here's what I had to do:

1) Downloaded the latest pcmcia snapshot from (I used the 04-May-99 version.)

2) Replaced the kernel driver tulip.c with Donald's latest from

3) Downloaded and compiled tulip-diag.c from and installed into
/usr/sbin to keep it handy.

4) Went to /usr/src/linux/pcmcia-3.0.10, make config, make all, make

5) Added the following to /etc/pcmcia/config.opts:

card "EtherExpress(TM) PRO/100 CardBus Mobile Adapter32"
    manfid 0x0089, 0x0102
    bind "tulip_cb"

6) Added the following to /etc/pcmcia/network, at line 55, right after
"ifconfig $DEVICE up":

sleep 2
/usr/sbin/tulip-diag -t 4 -G 0x08af0000
/usr/sbin/tulip-diag -t 4 -G 0x00a50000

7) killall -1 cardmgr, then insert the card.

At this point, everything *seems* to be OK. The card comes up in 100Mbps
half-duplex on my network at home (and a few brief experiments with ttcp
report 83Mbps); on Monday, when I'm back in the office, I'll see if it works
on a 10Mbps segment.

Todd Radel
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